Payvihir Post Fire

These pictures show the unfortunate aftermath of Forest Fire in Payvihir on April 13, 2019. Over 1,53,000 trees were burnt and much of the grass cover lost. This project was one of the top livelihood projects in India that protected the rights of the tribal over the forest and also help regenerate the forest.

Please contribute for rebuilding efforts, even $20, $50 would go a long way. Please donate at our secured donate page at

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Forest Fire at Payvihir

There was a forest fire at Payvihir Plantation that we started in 2009/2010 and around 1,53,000 plants were burnt on April 13 2019.
The Center for Sustainable Agriculture from Dr. Ramanjaneyulu visited the site in a week notice to prepare the ground reality.
Following are the pictures from the forest fire, to support immediate and long term relief for this project, please Click here or visit
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Payvihir Eco Village Story 2015

October 2015, Payvihir:

Payvihir eco-village was started when the organization KHOJ helped the villagers of Payvihir to bring around 180 hectares of land under the gram panchayat as per the Forest Rights Act (FRA). Srinivasan C with the experience of Vellore Hill Restoration Project got involved in the project and helped the village of Payvihir in planning and execution of afforestation. Today around 1 Lakh saplings are planted in the village of Payvihir with the help of MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme). Contour Check Dams were initially dug to help percolate the water. With the help of department of renewable energy, a grant of Rs. 75 lakhs helped the villages of Payvihir and Naykheda to build 70 community biogas plants. The aim is to reduce the dependency of households of both the villages from firewoods. Payvihir received the United Nations Development Program award for the decentralized governance and biodiversity.


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Chetana Vikas Site Visit Report 2015


Site visit to Chetana Vikas, an AID sponsored project to fight farmer suicides in central India.

A total 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in India in the past 20 years, primarily in the central Indian region of Vidarbha and Telangana. The primary causes are the introduction of high input farming, low farm credit/loan, reduced water levels due to deforestation, the unfair price given to farmers (especially cotton growers). The introduction of genetically modified (GM) cotton primarily by Monsanto has further increased the cost of farming and further led to distress in India. Increased use of pesticides in farming has increased instances of cancer cases across India.

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Aamir Khan in Jodhpur

August 15, 2014: Aamir Khan visits inaugration of Solid and Liquid Resource Management Center in Jodhpur, a project managed and directed by Srinivasan C (AID JHU supported). 

To support such work, please donate by check payable to "AID", AID JHU, Mattin Center 131, Mailbox #18, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218

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Chetana Vikas Talk

AID JHU supported project Chetana Vikas Director Mr. Ashok Bang speaking at National Convention for Organic Farming. Chandigarh, 2015

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Berabhenge Site Visit Report

Interview of Dr. Arup Roy, who is founder of Berabhenge school.


Site visit by Somnath Mukherji.

Please see the slide show for the complete photo essay. Press the following icon full_screen.png in the slide show below for full screen.

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Bhopali Screening

30 YEARS OF BHOPAL . Please join us for the screening on Dec. 5, 2014 at 7 pm


RSVP and details here:


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Agariya Salt Farms Flooded with Narmada Water


By Pankti Jog

Last week Narmada canal water was released by superintendent Engineer (SE), Radhanpur. 
Upper part of santalpur rann affected the most.

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AID 2015 Calendar

All pictures are taken by AID US volunteers when they visit India. Many pictures are from AID project locations across India.

Your annual support will help AID to achieve growth, sustainability, and support poorest of the poor in India.

Donate minimum $20 to AIDJHU this Holiday season, and get AID calendar shipped to your place.

You may also send checks payable to "AID" at

AID JHU, Mattin Center 131, Mail box #18, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218



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