Rap on Soni Sori by Nirvan

See the rap by Nirvan on Save Soni Sori Campaign on March 08, 2013



Sign the petition at http://www.listenforindia.org/save_soni_sori

Mapping the Contours of Clinical Trials in India: Context, Contests and Concerns

When: Wednesday, May 01 2013 6.30 pm
Where: Hackerman B17, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218
Refreshments will be served after the talk.

RSVP: http://www.aidjhu.org/mapping_the_contours_of_clinical_trials_in_india

Presented by Association for India's Development at Johns Hopkins University and Co-organized by Sama-Resource group for Women and Health

Learn more about commercial surrogacy, maternal health, and of reproductive rights!


Speaker Sarojini N., the director and co-founder of Sama – Resource group for Women and Health, shares research on surrogacy practices and strategies to address problems like medical malpractice and the exploitation of women hired to be gestational mothers.

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Anti Illegal Mining Talk by S R Hiremath



AID JHU has supported the project to stop Illegal Mining in Karnataka, Samaj Parivartan Sansthan spearheaded by Mr. S R Hiremath.

Link to the talk RSVP and information page

Detailed Bio of Mr S R Hiremath


Mr. S. R. Hiremath is the vanguard of India's second Independence Struggle for protection of natural resources. His pioneering crusade against corruption and depletion of natural resources has made him the icon of all right thinking persons in India and beyond.

Mr. Hiremath does not own any of the modern amenities, a living legend, who travels in a Second Class Railway compartment, carries his own luggage, books and documentation. He argued the case single handed in the Central Empowered Committee and also in various foras across India, which led to the liberation of thousands of acres of public resources.

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Infinite India Photo Book on Sale


Association for India's Development has started the sell of Infinite India book for as low as $39.99 .

AID will get minimum $10 for each books sold.

The book is collection of pictures by Nishikant Deshmukh when he visited AID projects in 2013.

CLICK HERE to buy the book now.

Read more to see some of the selective images.

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Human Cost Of India's Race For Development

Priyanka Borpujari, an independent journalist, wow's the audience of 40 people at Johns Hopkins University with her flawless speech on April 03, 2013. Please watch the videos here.

Here is link to the original event.


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RTI on Wheels project featured in Indian Express

AID Johns Hopkins University supported project RTI Yatra part of RTI on wheels got some initial media coverage in Indian Express. The idea of the project is to spread Right to Information act across India. The bus has all modern facilities including sleeping area and video conferencing.

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Innovative Mosquito Trap At Home

Cheap mosquito trap-- this could be a life saver in high malaria risk regions of rural, central India.

Need--Plastic bottle, sugar, and yeast.

What's the availability of yeast in India outside of large supermarkets? Please comment.

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