Human Cost Of India's Race For Development

Priyanka Borpujari, an independent journalist, wow's the audience of 40 people at Johns Hopkins University with her flawless speech on April 03, 2013. Please watch the videos here.

Here is link to the original event.


The video of Priyanka Borpujari’s Talk titled “The Human Cost of India’s Race for Development” are online

If Part 1 and Part 3 does not work, please install Microsoft SilverLight to view slides and video at the same time. Install from here.

Part 1

Click Here ( Slides + Talk Video; using SilverLight)

Click Here (Only Video)

Part 2

Following is the video to be watched after Part 1 Rape Victim Testimony

(We have three parts because of technical glitch to record the video shown in the power point)

Part 3

Click Here (Slides + Talk Video; using SilverLight)

Click Here (Only Video)


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