AID JHU supports and sponsors so many projects all across the country.It funds and encourages causes from all walks of society like women empowerment, child education. Each project has its own coordinator who is an AID volunteer. Listed below are the projects along with their respective URLs, that are funded by AIDJHU,

Berabhenge School, detailed information can be found in this link,

Hurricane Phalin Fund raiser,for detailed information visit,

Right to information on Wheels, please visit,

Chetana Vikas for the farmers, more information on,

Anti illegal mining in Karntaka, to know about this project, visit,

Aranyika, empowering the tribals information in

RTI manch, for detailed information, visit,

Paivihir eco village, please visit,

Solar Lamps for Agariya Community, more information in

Solar fence, information in


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