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Short Stay Shelter For Female Survivors of Violence

As several cases of violence against women in India are increasingly highlighted in the world media efforts are also on increase to stop it. AID has been in forefront of women empowerment and rescue from several years. AID has consciously supported projects where women are at the forefront or equally benefited from the efforts.
AID JHU has supported Short Stay Shelter for female survivors of violence in Rajasthan with AID Partner Tara Ahluwalia of Bal Evam Mahila Chetna Samiti (Child and Women Welfare Committee). This shelter will give temporary relief to women rescued from sex trafficking, rape cases and sexual assaults. Tara Ahluwalia also provides legal assistance to the survivors. Violence against women in India come in several forms and cases are related to such as Dowry, Female Infanticide, Child Marriage, Rape, Sexual Assaults, Trafficking, Witch Hunting, Nata Pratha (Divorce settlements) and Prostitution. 

Over 700 women were killed across India in 2007 after being declared a witch. Tara Ahluwalia’s work against witch hunting led to anti Witch Hunting Act in Rajasthan State Assembly called ‘Dayan Virodhi Act’. A case study of Chandi Kumhar (2001).

Sex determination test of fetus is banned in all clinics in India to curb the rate of female Infanticide. Several doctors had been caught secretly providing sex of the fetus by Tara Ahluwalia sting operations.
Few of the statistics are

  • 3 women are killed publicly in Bhilwara every year.
  • 4 cases of witch hunting every month. 
  • 62 cases of witch hunting registered by Taraji.
  • Assistance in 370 cases in the last 2 years.


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AID's work in India

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tribal

Often times tribal people are wrongly associated with the reason for deforestation in India. So here is a project which is restoring the forest via tribal initiatives in remote Melghat region.

Melghat is one of the home to the last remaining Tigers in India and known for it's malnutrition related deaths over years.

Nearly 190 hectares of forest land now is maintained by village Panchayat of Paivihir according to the Forest Rights Act of India.

After two years of efforts the villagers of Paivihir will be planting and sustaining 50,000 trees in the Paivihir Eco Village.

Thanks to the initial success, government of India has awarded AID partner KHOJ $1,25,000 for biogas connectivity to two villages in the area. This will help the village to become energy self sufficient. We have also provided a projector to spread the message about this project in the surrounding region.

Khoj is consulting Srinivasan C, an expert resource person in afforestation, for this effort in the Melghat region. 




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AID Talk: Harsh Mander, Inequality and Indifference in India

Talk by Harsh Mander at Association for India's Development at Johns Hopkins University.

Date: Oct 26, 2013 7 pm to 9 pm


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Hurrican Phailing Fundraiser


This is an immediate donation request for Cyclone Phailin that hit India's east coast on Oct 12 2013. The states to be most affected are Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal.

Experience from previous disasters like Uttarakhand floods of 2013 and Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2005, we have learned that a very long term rehabilitation is needed for people affected by the flood whose lives and living has been devastated by the floods.

Please forward this link to your friends.

Checks can be sent payable to "AID" at

AIDJHU, Mattin Center

3400 N Charles St,

Baltimore, MD 21218

AID Talk: Aseem Shrivastava, Predatory Growth In India: Critique and Alternative

Talk by Aseem Shrivastava at Association for India's Development at Johns Hopkins University.

Date: Oct 2, 2013 7 pm to 9 pm

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