Srinivasan C on Satyamev Jayate

Srinivasan C is an expert in Zero Waste Management ( Solid and Liquid Waste Management) across India. His association with
AID goes back to the pioneer work in Vellore Hill Restoration project where his aim is to restore the forest in hilly terrains around Vellore.
He is coordinating current AID project of Paivihir Eco Village.
His work on Zero Waste Management is covered in this small documentary
More information about Srinivasan can be found here
Pls see the following link - telecast in satyamevjayate TV show today morning - interview by Mr.Amir Khan.
Full program with all Participants regarding SWM:
Same TV Show in Tamil - Satyamevjayate TV show.
The broad category of Srinivasan's work is in the following areas:
  1. Methane Gas production through (CH4) Bio-Gas.
  2. Vermi-Cast & Vermi-Wash Production.
  3. Vermi-Culture & Setting up Vermi-Bank. 
  4. Cattle dung & Urine related products like Panchagavayam, Amrit pani, Gunabajalam, Bio-pesticide, C.P.P, Cow Horn Manure, etc.,
  5. Solid & Liquid Resource Management (SLRM).
  6. Duckling production project.
  7. Drainage waste water Management - Canna & other Tube Plants Reproduction.
  8. Organic farming.
  9. Seed production & Seed Banking.
  10. Hills Restoration Project.
  11. Vegetable Roof Garden (VRG).
  12. Kitchen Garden (KG) in empty plots.
  13. Area Greening Project (AGP) - Nursery development & Tree plantation.
  14. Fodder cultivation.
  15. Cattle shelters.
  16. Birthday, Wedding day and other auspicious days Coconut trees project.
  17. Rain Water Harvesting (RWH).
  18. Scientific & Sustainable Goshala Project.
  19. Eco-friendly wedding projects. 
  20. Campus Maintenance & Beautification project etc.

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