Mapping the Contours of Clinical Trials in India: Context, Contests and Concerns

When: Wednesday, May 01 2013 6.30 pm
Where: Hackerman B17, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218
Refreshments will be served after the talk.


Presented by Association for India's Development at Johns Hopkins University and Co-organized by Sama-Resource group for Women and Health

Learn more about commercial surrogacy, maternal health, and of reproductive rights!


Speaker Sarojini N., the director and co-founder of Sama – Resource group for Women and Health, shares research on surrogacy practices and strategies to address problems like medical malpractice and the exploitation of women hired to be gestational mothers.

Sarojini has been working on women's health and rights and is one of the founder members of Sama -Resource Group for Women and Health. She was involved in the coordination of a national level research on reproductive and medical technologies and their implications on women, two child norm and its implications on marginalized communities and the Right to Healthcare campaign.

She was a core member of the campaign against anti fertility vaccines and population control policies, to child norm. Recently she has been a part of the fact finding on Maternal Deaths and Denial of Maternal Care in Barwani District, Madhya Pradesh: Issues and Concerns and the unethical implementation of HPV vaccine “demonstration projects” in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

She is also currently coordinating an action research on participant perspectives in clinical trials and involved in campaigns and policy review and advocacy with regard to clinical trials. She co-coordinated the MFC fact finding committee that studied the impact of health after the Gujarat riots of 2002 and contributed largely to the report, 'Carnage in Gujarat: A Public Health Crisis'. Currently she is the CoChair of People's Health Movement (Global)

There will also be a Film screening – "Can we see the baby bump please?" The film is 40 minutes. The film has generated quite a lot of interest and discussion.

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