AID INDIA Corona Report 1

Decentralized Corona Relief: In every slum and village there are families who just manage to survive one day at a time. They have no money to buy food for a week. Often they don't have enough even for a day. With the Corona curfews and lock downs, they have lost even that little income. What can we do to support them?

Unlike in other disasters, centralized procurement and distribution is tricky.


So, we reached out to our field staff and asked them to visit neighbors in their slum to see who needs help.

We are transferring small amounts of money to our field staff and asking them to buy rice, dam, oil, soap, etc locally in shops and support these families.

Many of you can also help quickly and directly. Ask your house maid if she wants to help her neighbors. She can easily identify 5 vulnerable families living in her area. Transfer a few thousand rupees. Ask her to buy the provisions from a nearby store and distribute it to these needy families.




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