AID INDIA Corona Report 3

Today, our team identified and distributed provisions to 110 families in Choolaimedu (15 families), Kuppaikaran Colony (30 families), Ganeshapuram slum (30), PM Darga + Rotary Nagar slums (35).

AID INDIA field workers who live in or near these areas, visited these families to identify who had no food or money. Then we transferred funds to our field workers who went to the nearby shops and purchased the provisions for 6 days and then went and supplied it to each of these families.



As the Govt has announced 21 day lock down, we expect many more families will need such support.

Individuals and NGOs cannot reach the massive scale of support that will be needed. Only the Govt can. Hopefully the Govt will ensure supplies reach through the PDS Ration system.

But where Govt support does not reach and even this will be a large number, it will be important for all of us to pitch in and support.




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