AID INDIA Corona Report 4

Many poor families in slums and villages are without food and money, during this lockdown. Our local field workers in slums and villages have been distributing food provisions to such families. Yesterday we distributed provisions to 110 families and today to 50 families.

We are following a Decentralized Corona Relief Distribution plan. We send small amounts of money to our local field contacts. They buy from a local grocery store and supply to families in their area that need it. Provisions for a family for a week comes to around Rs. 1500 per family (Rice, dal, oil, soap, etc)



Unlike in Tsunami and TN floods, we are now only working in slums and villages where we our field workers live. This ensures minimum travel, minimum contact.

We are also recommending that people who have trusted contacts living in slums can send them money and ask them to locally buy and give provisions to their neighbors who are without food.





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