AID INDIA Corona Report 5

AID INDIA has provided food provisions for a week to 358 poor families till yesterday (26 Mar). Details of distribution yesterday:

  • 22 families in Nagai (12 boom boom matukarangals + 10 conservancy workers) though Vanavil team
  • 40 families in Pallakkumanagar Chennai through Maarimuthu
  • 25 families in Nochikuppum Chennai through Ethiraj
  • 10 families in RA Puram through Bharathi
  • 9 families in Kosavanpettai, Kodungaiyur and Ooty
  • 117 tribal families in Tiruporur through Thoon¬†Vasughi¬†and Selvam



Earlier we had distributed food provisions to 110 families. So totally we have distributed provisions to 358 families.

Today we are getting some supplies to about 50 families with disabled people (through Mano), 100 migrant workers in Kannathur (through Selvam) and also several homeless people in Orissa (through Dhanada). Apart from the Damu is coordinating with many people for relief distribution (I will get details by tonight).





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