AID Talk Video: Selva Ganpathy


Selva Ganpathy Visited the chapter of AID JHU on June 21st and shared his insight on the educational reforms needed in India. Selva works at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras as a researcher. Selva volunteers for AID India in his free time and his work area is Eureka Child Education program. Watch his video in this post.


Invitation to Volunteer for AID:

This is an invitation to volunteer for AID, for supporters who always wanted to give something back to humanity

Please visit .

You can volunteer for AID from any parts of the planet and work as little as 1-2 hours per week.


Six students revived AID JHU chapter in 2008 and with a couple of hundred dollars transformed a tiny university chapter of AID into one of the prominent chapters of AID. We are now supporting nearly 15 projects every year and involved in various activities. There have been several great moments and a couple of disappointments. The story of transformation is encouraging, but yet, a lot of milestones need to be still achieved. 

The need:

There are still millions of children in India who go to sleep hungry, thousands of farmers are committing suicide, there is a mass migrations from rural India towards cities which is crumbling the already weak infrastructure. The number of female foeticide and violence against women is increasing every year. Plus the impact of climate change is escalating rapidly. We saw the impact in Uttarakhand floods in 2013 where around 10000 people perished within few days, moreover it has left millions of people displaced and in need of livelihood.

The question to ponder about is, whether the prosperity has reached the poorest of poor in India? Is an unsustainable growth impacting lives of millions a path ahead? What is the alternative?


Fortunately, through various developmental projects across India at the grassroots, AID has demonstrated, through its grassroots partners, approaches that if we work together, a social and economic transformation in India is possible. The transformation in the villages of Surodi, Amlashole, Payvihir and several villages through partners like Chetna Vikas is an encouraging step forward.

Who volunteers for AID?

We have volunteers across various cities and countries who have knowingly and unknowingly helped us in numerous ways. We are thankful to our sister chapters of AID across the world who have participated in celebrating our moment of success. Several students and professionals volunteer for AID JHU. But the need is ever rising. Volunteers from all nationalities and background have actively supported AID.

Is there an internship program by AID?

Yes, several projects of AID can accommodate internship request for researchers and students who want to learn about the issues at the grassroots. Please note these are unpaid internships.

How can you contribute?

Volunteering for AID is a great experience with an ability to understand the issues in India at the core. We have seen the grassroots issues are similar across the world and solutions in India may be scalable across the planet with local input.
We invite you to be part of AID family and enhance this unique experiment with your knowledge and will power. Volunteer from any part of the globe for AID JHU

Please email to us for any questions at [email protected] or call at 410-929-4525 .


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