Chetana Vikas 2013 Report

Please download the Chetana Vikas 2013 report here.

Chetana Vikas is AID's partner for sustainable agriculture in central India. This region has the most farmer suicides out of 270,000 farmer suicides since 1995 in India. 

The scale is huge and AID is trying all round approaches to deal with this situation. AID is supporting demonstration farms through partners like Chetana Vikas and also working on advocacy level with alliance for sustainable and holistic agriculture.

Most of the Vidarbha and Telangana have been hit by hailstorm in Spring 2014, leading to increase in suicides in the area ( ~10 per day ). So we appeal to you to contribute generously to this project.

The report mentions the following on Page 4:

The practice of farmers practicing self-reliant farming was mixed with some losses this year and some with benefits. It becomes important in such years and none of these farmers were caught in the "debt trap" which leads to the spiral ending in suicides.

This is an excellent metric on our efforts to lower the suicides in the affected areas.

This impact was achieved with $20,000 seed money per annum for 150 farmers. This is only around $150 investment per farmer. The requested funds was to the tune of $80,000 per annum but we couldn't support the project fully.

So think what will happen if we can send more support, only $150 can adopt one farmer.

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