Cyclone Amphan Destruction

The supercyclone Amphan has ravaged the Bay of Bengal region with an unprecedented level of destruction. Most of the deltas of Sunderbans due to the weakened Mangrove forest couldn't hold back the surging storm waters.

Amphan cyclone has made landfall on May 20th completely decimating enormous areas across coastal West Bengal and Orissa. Millions of people who have already been affected badly by #COVID19 pandemic and lockdown have now lost their homes too.

Our partners on the ground are working with the local administration to help people shelter in schools and flood centers.
Cyclone Amphan’s landfall coincided with high tide resulting in breaching of embankments and widespread flooding. The local people, many of whom are subsistence farmers and fisherfolk, are also facing tremendous damage to what’s left of agriculture and their livelihoods. We are currently working on mitigating the immediate food and water shortage in the area.

AID started working intensively with farmers in the region in 2009 after Cyclone Aila devastated Sunderbans exactly 11 years ago. What started as a small group of 20 farmers choosing to rebuild organic and sustainable farming by reviving farmlands from salinity, has grown to a movement of 25000 farmers in the past decade, with outlets established to directly sell produce to consumers in Kolkata.
But, history repeats with itself with the severe cyclone Amphan breaching embankments and inundating farmlands with saline water from the sea. We expect similar to more deeper engagement in many fronts as post-Aila with these resilient communities to help rebuild literally from the ground up.

We need your generous support now to stand by the people of Sunderbans & adjacent regions, while they are facing this enormous devastation amidst a pandemic and to help sustain the relief & rebuilding efforts.

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