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We would like to invite you for our all new Run For India Marathon Program where you can achieve your goal of running a Marathon and also raise money for fantastic projects of Association for India's Development at Johns Hopkins University.

Are you looking motivation to train for Marathon for your personal fitness? 

Do you want to get trained with a group of runners for a Marathon?

Do you want to raise funds for AID to support developmental projects in India ?

Do you have wide friend network who can donate to your cause?

Then please signup for our Run For India 2014 Program at

ou can support any of the projects of AID JHU or all project of AID JHU found at
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You can also purchase Run For India T shirt after you signup on our website.

Please see the following google doc to understand Run For India

Once you signup you can start sending custom emails, share the website on social media or ask your friends to support your run.

You can also sign up as a group or as a family.

Once you have signed up you can also email us if you can be a trainer.

Featured Runner
Srikanth Jandhyala, an AID-Bay Area volunteer, loves to run full and half-marathons on behalf of AID. Through running, he raises awareness and funds for AID-supported grassroots projects in areas of equitable development and social justice. Srikanth just completed his 10th marathon (over a period of 4 years) raising $5000 for AID's grassroots projects! Congrats Srikanth! He has 2 more to go this year.
Srikanth runs his races in a pink tutu as part of a #STOPLOOKINGDOWN campaign he began a year ago. This campaign attempts to raise awareness about gender equality by highlighting our social conditioning about gender-appropriate and inappropriate clothing.
AID thanks all our runners who run for such causes through our Run For India program.

To Sign up for AID JHU's Run For India program please visit

 We look forward to your active participation in Run For India.

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